Monday, 14 September 2015

Chris Packenham of the BBC

Good to know that there is at least one Institution where Political Correctness doesn't reign and employees are allowed - even encouraged - to voice insulting opinions of ethnics and minorities. Yes -You've guessed it -I'm referring to the BBC.  One of their star presenters-Chris Packenham-who bizarrely is a presenter of Country file has called farmers - who- together with landowners - oddly manage and look after virtually all the countryside - 'Brutalist thugs, liars and frauds.'  Wow. That's pretty hot stuff and I expect you remember the fuss the self same BBC made when Jeremy Clarkson mouthed - but did not speak the rhyme,  which everyone of his generation knows by heart "eeny meany mini mow catch a N****** by his toe...." Good to know that the BBC has now moved on from that frightfully PC attitude they adopted to Jeremy's antics ( an attitude incidentally which has probably cost the license fee payer - you and me -some £20 million a year in lost revenue from Top Gear) and now embraces Non PC presenters with -shall say -controversial -and highly prejudiced  attitude to the people who are the subject of much of their programmes.

Now I want you to play a game -substitute the word 'Farmer' and instead insert any other noun - for instance - let' try Imans - Wow again -or Human Right Lawyers -or Gay Right Activists and then ask yourself what would the BBC have done if Packenham  had used such language to describe one of these groups -would they have:

a) Announced an enquiry and called him in to explain his actions prior to forcing him to make a grovelling apology

b) Sacked him on the spot for having grossly insulted a group of people and having demonstrated total ignorance  of the way of life of the very people he was meant to be making programmes about.

c) Done absolutely nothing -because -you know -basically - Chris has justifiably reflected the views of the Metropolitan elite - and hey -that's us.

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