Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ted Heath is innocent

I am no fan of Edward Heath -  a conceited blob of lard - who is well up there among the worst Prime Minister this long suffering country has had inflicted on it over the last hundred odd years. I do though believe that there is not a shred of truth in the allegations against him regarding young boys.  Sexually I think our Ted was neuter - just totally uninterested in anyone but himself.

However being a very high profile bachelor it is unsurprising that a couple of unsubstantiated allegations were once made about him - what is more surprising is that only two such allegations were ever made.  In this modern world though two old nutty allegations about the sexual activities of a long dead man are all that is needed for the press to start screaming 'Cover up' and demanding a 'investigation'  and the police - who can't be bothered to investigate burglaries  in some parts of the country  suddenly find enormous amounts of energy and 'resources' to carry out an investigation into a man who is dead!

Actually it gets better - for the police that is. As not content to investigate and then debunk these old accusations they have come up with the wonderful idea of appealing for new allegations. Not surprisingly- in a country of 60 million - of whom according to MIND -at least one in four suffer mental health problems in anyone year- there has been a good response. So good in fact that soon virtually every police force in the country will have a dedicated Sir Edward Heath investigation team- burning up the miles and overtime as they carry out a totally pointless task.  The pursuit of accusations against the dead has taken the modern Witch Hunt to new extremes of absurdity. How we laughed at school at the stupidity of the Charles II and his advisors on digging up the remains of Cromwell and hanging them in chains after his Restoration in 1660. It is nice to know that the stupidity of our rulers has not altered one wit over the last 450 odd years      


  1. I do wish your blogs were in video format rather than in text. Written word does not do justice to your verbal artistry.

    I agree, the crimes of the past should not take away police effort on the crimes of the present. Although, it would be amusing to watch a corpse respond in court when the judge asks him how he wishes to plead. Naturally he would exercise the right to remain silent.

  2. Really Surprised at comments, of course these Lords live in a different world to the average person, look at Lord Longford and Lord Lucan.