Thursday, 27 August 2015

New Peers - a volunteer

Oh dear - Our Dave has had seven of his nominations for a peerage rejected as being unworthy - or unsuitable - to be elevated to the House of Lords. Makes you wonder what sort of dross he was proposing when you see the sort of people who have sailed through the vetting process over the last decade or so.  Also proves -once again- two maxims of mine - Change for the sake of Change is always Bad and -If it isn't Broken don't Fix it.  The old unreformed House of Lords may have had it's faults but it was cheap, reasonably free of political corruptions and it worked.   Contrast it with what has replaced it.  A top heavy behemoth of a legislature - full of free loaders and people who - routinely- abuse their expenses- all of whom -apart from an honest rump of hereditary peers - owe their presence their to political patronage. How much better - how much more honest -was the old House of Lords dominated instead by people who owed their place  there to their birth rather than their ability to grease political palms and lick political bottoms.

As someone who has never done either I realise that I am totally unqualified to be a modern day peer but I am still prepared selflessly to put myself forward as a suitable candidate to be a member of the House of Lords.  


  1. We're looking forward to Lord Fulford already. :-)

  2. I could easily invision you in the Lords.

    One advantage is that they no longer answer to a constituency nor do they necessarily take a party whip. It is a good place to speak your mind.

    In that respect, you would make an excellent modern day peer. :)