Tuesday, 21 July 2015

sexual harassment in the army

Blogging is like running - you need to get into a routine and -once you break that routine- it is quite difficult - for me anyway- to energise myself into writing again.  So what has inspired me to take up again? A complete 'fuck wit' report from the MOD who says - I quote:  "..that a culture of sexual harassment in the army will harm the country's ability to protect itself from attack"  Apparently the problem is so bad that it will affect the armed forces  "Operational Effectiveness."

Actually they are wrong -it won't but what undoubtedly will effect 'Operational Effectiveness' is political correctness within the MOD in particular writing stupid reports such as this. Apparently 90% of women in the Army have been in situations where colleagues told 'sexual jokes or stories.' I'm sorry -what is so strange about that? Actually I should think 90% of women full stop have been in just such situations and one has to wonder about the normality of the 10% who haven't.

The Army job is a simple one - kill the country's enemies. In order to do this effectively you need lots of fit young men with pretty high testosterone levels and - frankly - if girls want to join the army and serve with such men then they are going to have to live with the odd joke -if girls don't like it then  they shouldn't join or they should leave.

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