Friday, 31 July 2015

Lord Thomas of Cwmgieed - a twit

The Judiciary needs taming. At present they consider themselves omnipotent, that they have a right to force their Metropolitan elite values on the rest of us. Totally disregarding the democratic will of the majority and totally disregarding the will of Parliament. Until the judiciary is tamed the security of this country is in jeopardy. The sheer arrogance and arrant stupidity of our highest court judges is beyond belief.

As an example let's look at the latest effort of  Lord Thomas of Cwmgieed -the Lord Chief Justice who - fully aware of his duty to ensure that the gravy train of legal aid continues to flow in an uninterrupted stream to such well deserving people as Sapna Malik - a female human rights lawyer who specialises- to her enormous profit -  in bringing cases against the British Army by alleging that soldiers broke suspects human rights in such peaceful countries as Iraq and Afghanistan - has just delivered his latest infantile judgement   The Noble Idiot -Lord Thomas - naturally found that it was illegal for the army to hold a suspected bomb maker in Afghanistan in detention  and naturally His Idioticy will-no  doubt - soon announce an enormous sum of compensation must be paid to the said suspect bomb maker - a sum - almost certainly - far in excess of that given to serving soldiers as compensation for loss of limbs or life in bomb explosions  

What is wrong with people like Lord Thomas - why do they hate their country? why do they hate the Army and lastly why can't it ever be the likes of them who are blown up by a terrorist bomb?


  1. Hi from "The Colonies" New Awesome Zealand in fact! :) Enjoyed your Life Is Toff series immensely! My best friend over here is one of your rellies which makes the whole thing a lot more f&%$*g fun! My ancestry includes the Herefordshire area as well as Winchelsea near Rye, grandma from Lancashire plus a heap more :) Ciao for now. :) Lee