Monday, 9 February 2015

Paternity leave

What planet does Ed Miliband actually inhabit? I ask because if he actually thinks extending 'paternity leave' from a fortnight to a month is a vote winner he is barking.  Apparently he wants to do so to allow fathers to 'enjoy more of the first crucial days of their child's lives.'  Well speaking from experience (four children) there is not much to enjoy about those first 'crucial days' in fact the complete opposite.  I have vague memories of white slug like creatures who needed endless feeding and - of -course - nappy changing. Not -and I put my hand up here- that I got involved in much of the latter but, because we had twins I did do sterling work with the bottle once our brilliant monthly nurse-Ollie of blessed memory - had departed.

Anyway I'm looking forward to the Election Poster - I can just see it - a smiling dad with a smiling partner (But wait - a question - should the partner be same sex as the Dad or should the partner perhaps be obviously 'transgender' and - even better - from an ethnic minority? or why not make it  really EDGEY and make Dad a Lesbian?  I only ask)

The slogan could read -  VOTE LABOUR AND GET TO CHANGE NAPPIES - to which some unfair wag would probably add VOTE LABOUR AND GET COVERED IN SHIT -

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