Monday, 10 June 2013

The Nazis were Germans

I can't help wondering how the BBC is going to cover the First World War anniversary events - just how are they going to avoid mentioning that the war was fought against THE GERMANS?  I mention this because I have noticed that now - whenever the Second World War is mentioned -we were apparently fighting - not the Germans - but some people called the Nazis. Now - actually - that is like the Iraq people saying  - during the Iraq War -that they were fighting New Labour (Oh what bliss - Tony & Cherie in the front line - somehow I don't think even the Iraq army could have failed to blow that curious amalgamation of assorted free loaders, Hampstead thinkers, Champagne socialists and human rights lawyers to kingdom come).

In other words it is rubbish. The vast majority of German people were in favour of the war in 1939 even if they weren't in the Nazi party - the vast majority of the German armed forces were not party members. The vast majority of the German people were, in 1940, intoxicated by their victories. So please could we have an end to this new politically correct fiction that the 1939 -45 War was fought against the Nazis -it wasn't -it was fought against the Germans.     


  1. Right ! Only the Nazis were the bad guys - they used to shoot children and work in death camps and goose-step about in parades. No nice people actually knew anything about what these nasty people were up to. In fact after the end of the war, I doubt if there were any nazis at all in Germany. Rather like in South Africa -now that those blacks are trying to run the show, no one will publicly admit to being racist !

  2. And you can guarantee that those looney lefties at the BBC will also do their bit to airbrush history. Why don't we just appease the Germans altogether and let them claim that they won the war, both of them!

  3. What is the point you are trying to make? There is no political correct conspiracy to say the Germans weren't involved in WW2 - have you even seen The Nazis: A Warning from History? Produced by the BBC and highlights the fact that a vast majority of Germans were apathetic towards the horrors of the Nazi state and were complicit in its staying power up until the end of the war.

    What about Laughing with Hitler, or other documentaries showing how ordinary Germans, though both small and large acts tried to subvert the Nazi state?

    History is a complex subject, not some bombastic simplified version of good and evil that you only read about in fairy tales. Yeah, we thought the Germans in WW1 & 2, everyone knows that, but also a lot of know that it wasn't as simple as that, that there were Germans who actively resisted the Nazis.

    Are we suppose to just bash the Germans every time the anniversary comes up, or try to understand why such terrible things could have happened in a civilised country and make sure they are never allowed to take root again.