Thursday, 8 July 2010

London traffic

It takes a lot to get me up to London in the summer -especially a summer like this one - but if a an old firend asks you to come up to celebraste their 50th birthday - well - youv've just got to go.  London and the heat do not go.  However fortunately the night we spent in the metropolis was one of the cooler ones so we survived. Twice during our flying visit we hired a taxi and on both occaisions I was struck that all the good effects of the congestion charge in reducing congestion in central London seems to have gone by the board. I remember when the charge was first introduced the streets empties and suddenly buses roared around like sport cars. Not anymore they don't.  what I just can't understand is why anyone would want to drive their car in London anyway?  It seems to me to be such an utterly pointless and expensive activity that I am.forced to the conclusion that it is all really about showing off.  So come on Boris -if you are short of money for something just do the sensible thing - double the congestion charge.     

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